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Thursday, May 12, 2011

War Poem

The weeping willow shed tears
I will not cry,
The past is past
Think of the future.

His rein of terror well known
He will not hurt me
I have grown strong
He fades to insignificance.

Life is for living
His is death.

Help hath come
He must go
His destination is hell
Heaven for the rest.

With the swiftness of hand
Death is slow
Fear is removed
Love stands stead.

Life is for living
His is death.

Friendships grow
Evil is dead
Families come together
Hands strike pull asunder.

Like a broken clock
Hands don’t move
Time moves quickly
Broken bones heal slow.

Life is for living
His is death.

The sun will rise each day
Darkness is forever
Rain bring growth
Alcohol fever kills.

An eye for an eye
No broken teeth
Spring brings eternal
Winter freezes life.

Life is for living
His is death.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Under the cover of darkness
planes roar
search targets
fire guns
drop bombs
people died.

Sirens wail
explosions erupt
craters appears
fires burns
home crumbles
people died.

Smoke scorches
dust chokes
vision blurs
fear climbs
depression kills
people died.

Darkness rules
hell fires burn
ashes grow
rubble piles
people died.

Dog fights in air
flapping forgotten
food scarce
scrounge loot
tears flow
people died.

City desecrated
destruction high
rats scamper
prayers for safe return
people died.

War deflates
soldiers return
dead revered
hearts heavy
people died.