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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The Angels of Heaven I do see
They bring messages everyday to me
Pictures of scenes I have time to view
Messages flash fast, slowly please, I'm new.

I'm a willing student, I praise to God on high
Patience I'm learning, when in doubt I sigh,
Healing, seeing, and much more, I wish to do,
I like writing of mystical worlds,
For helping me, I thank you.


                                                    Lambs struggle to stand
                                                   Spindly legs do wobble
                                                   Sun brings spring
                                                   Wolves will gobble.

                                                   The snarl was a warning
                                                   Blood dripped from sharp fangs
                                                  Flesh scattered on the ground.

                                                    He snarled
                                                    Blood dribbled
                                                    Flesh lay at his paws.

                                                      Splattered blood
                                                      Shattered carcass
                                                      Hunger abated.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Words And Pictures

                                                               I am sick
                                                               I am dying
                                                               Roses are red
                                                               Everyone is crying.

                                                               I've been sick
                                                               I'll soon be better
                                                               Violets are flowers
                                                               And so is heather.

                                                                   I am chilly
                                                                   So is winter
                                                                   Snow is white
                                                                   I'll soon be better.

                                                                  I am warm
                                                                  I am the sun
                                                                  Browns are for autumn
                                                                  Colds aren't much fun.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Fingers to the Bone

I worked my fingers to the bone
'till tears did flow,
my cheeks were dry
but there was a flood inside.

I worked my fingers to the bone
day, and night, but never did you see,
the way you hurt me in every way
love dies when not nurtured.

I worked my fingers to the bone
I was blinded to your cruel ways,
but now, I can see you weren't for me
tears no longer flow, seeping into my heart.

Don't work my fingers to the bone
I have time to smell the roses,
gaze at the moon, and stars,
watch the sun rise on a new day.

I found a new worthy path
don't have to work my fingers to the bone,
freedom leads my path to righteousness
my love abounds, tears don't flow.

Angels light up my life
guardians guide my way,
love doesn't have to be earned
Jesus walks beside me.

Long Hours

Chilly icy winds rush through the tree
ice glistened on the windscreen,
moisture from the dew trickled rivulets of water,
the ghostly fog floated by blocking my view,
smoke from the camp fire mingled with the fog,
steam rose from the water boiling over the fire,
bacon sizzled on the pan, bread toasted on the wire fork,
sunlight penetrated the tree tops
sent chill on its way, heat moved in,
engines roared, trees fell, crashed to the ground,
voices yell, tempers flare, eyes spit sparks,
feet stumble over wet bark,
tools grabbed to barked orders,
logs stacked high, weighed down the truck tray,
truck wheels spin over wet grass
to crash through the bush,
by lunch, fierce sunlight burned down on us,
sweat flowed down dust covered faces,
shirts wringing wet are covered with saw dust,
arms and legs bronzed from hours spent under the sun,
load chained down ready to move out,
tools packed aboard, secured in place,
as the sun has long passed below the horizon.

Friday, April 5, 2013

This was a picnic area at Smith's Crossing after the recent flooding. The area has been devastated by huge trees being washed down the Kolan River. We went there to have a look when on our "Clayton" bus trip. If your wondering. This is a trip which doesn't go to planned. Some places we we to go to were closed due to the recent flooding of a lot of areas.

We have another "Clayton" bus trip next week. It is advertised as "Mystery Trip". The mystery is if it will go to the way the driver has planned. At least, being on a bus trip I don't have to do the driving. I also have time to see the scenery. Take photos. And enjoy the friendship of all those on the trip.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tank Toilet

I went on a day bus trip a couple of weeks ago. We stopped at a park in Gin Gin. Moving toward the park the toilet looked like a water tank. When approached from a different direct you find a door. Opening the door you find there, a toilet. A very clean toilet. The only trouble is you'd have to look for frogs, or snakes, because the sides don't reach to the floor. Good design for hosing it out.

Now, I have a new camera I'll be able to take more photos. My daughter, Leanne, and her family, bought me a camera. She set it up to the computer for me. This is one I took on my phone. She also set that up to load to my computer.

All photos all go straight to my "Dropbox" site. I won't lose them if the computer dies dead like the last one. Still looking for a person to retrieve all my data.