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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Nuts and Ginger.

On Sunday, we called into Yandina to go to the ginger, and nut factories. We all lined up for a ginger ice cream. Don't usually have much ice cream. But I love to have one when I go to the ginger factory. Everyone bought some products. Then we walked across the street to the nut factory. The bus was become more loaded with each stop we made. Luckily, I kept tabs on what I brought so I could find it when we arrived home.

We took a few country roads on the way home. For afternoon tea, we stopped at an old wooden bridge at Miva. First, we went across in the bus, had our cup of tea, then some of us decided to walk across the bridge.

Once, a long time back, trains, and cars, crossed the same bridge. At some stage the railway line was moved, cutting out country towns. So all the branch lines were no longer in use. Which was sad. The country people, the backbone of the nation, were forgotten in the eyes of the hungry, city controllers, of the money. Profits were put before those who had built the country. The bridge is still used by the farmers, and adventurous visitors.

I had not long stepped from the bus with all my luggage, when the Magpies landed at my feet wanting to be given some mince. Their singing alerted the rest of the birds. I had birds at the front, and back, calling for food, like I'd been away more than a week. I'd only been away for two days. And I'd left some out for them. Not my fault if they ate the lot in one sitting.


We stayed at units in Maroochydore on Saturday night. I had three other women sharing the unit. There was three rooms, two bathrooms,  kitchen and lounge combined. A great place to spend a holiday because there was everything available to cook your own meals. A home away from home. The beach not far away. We had a great view from the sixth floor.

We went out to dinner at night to Alex's Bar and Grill. A great time was had by all. The food, and service was excellent. The food cooked to everyone's satisfaction.

Here are a few shots of the place.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Nambor Garden and Flower Show.

The alarm went off at 4a.m. on Saturday morning. I put my arm from beneath the covers to nearly freeze. I was a little cunning preempting the cold weather. After my shower, Friday night, I put on underwear ready to put on the top layers when I climbed out from beneath the covers.

"Just call me onion," I told my friends on the bus. I had on so many layers of clothes, gloves, feather cap. I was pleased to find the heater, not the air-conditioning, was turned on.

We stopped at Gympie to have morning tea. The chill of the wind went through all out clothes, even in the shade.

This is where we had our morning tea.

Most of the passengers were aged between 70 up to 93 years. I felt sympathy for those who felt the cold.

We arrived at the garden show at around 10 a.m. After such a cold start to the day, we had to peel a couple of layers of coats, and jumpers, off, when we arrived at the grounds. The day had turned out to be a warm, sunny day.

The lady who came to the bus to tell us where the bus had to be parked, and what activities were on during the day. She handed out books with information with a bag to carry some of the thing she hoped we'd buy. We spent over four hours walking around the big area looking at what was on offer. We all meet up to have our lunch.

I brought a few plants but mostly I took photos of what I couldn't buy, or couldn't take home on the bus. Less trouble to carry a camera, and cheaper, when working to a budget for the weekend.

Here are some of the photos.

The fingers are getting too cold to work. And time is running out. I have to go collect my uncle's washing to do, and some shopping. Will continue when I have time to spare.