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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cleaning up.

Since I have had to slow my pace in life, I have been editing all the novels I have finished. Some I have retrieved from a computer that died a few years back. I have been formatting them as well.

I sent a few to a publisher. I did receive a surprise. A contract arrived. But. Not the sort I had been expecting. I showed it to a friend and she told me to not sign it. I had been of the same mind before she had read it. She checked the name out and found it not to be a good place to be with. So I have been sending out other feelers.

I have about a dozen novels finished to be published. I just need to find a true publisher. Or an agent to handle the publishing side of my work.

I am also finishing off a novel that I found half written.

The cold weather has slowed me down some. Where I have the computer is very cold. You can say the whole house is like a freezer. So I work when not so cold. In the meantime, I write the story by hand while sitting all rugged up in a blanket.

We did have a few days where the days were warmer but the chill has returned. I am trying to catch up on things I had forgotten needed my attention.

I should be writing up my story to the computer but I am working on my blogs.

And the crocheting has been put on the back burner. I will do some later once I have finished my work. I crochet rugs for charity in my spare time.