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Friday, April 22, 2011



Come with me
this crispy morn
to watch the sun
rise from the sea.

To witness the beginning
of this new day
hear the birds sing
merrily in the trees.

Listen to the waves
bubble to the shore
to breathe the fresh
clean air, smell.

The salt on the breeze
to stroll along the beach
burying our toes in the sand
together we'll walk.

Hand and hand, snuggle
and kiss, the sun's rays
kiss the earth
brings new life you see.

Warmth, light, rain,
natures way you do agree
to remind us all
about the coming.

Of the new day, new life,
to rise as the sun doth do
counting the days, months, years,
time passes, you grow old.

In no time at all
you've reached a hundred years,
so enjoy each beautiful sunrise
this one could be you last.

Love me as yo do today
our hearts entwined
to last and eternity
stay strong like the sun.

Weather the storms
that may come your way
building new bridges
to mend broken fences.

Whether there be clouds
as rain falls, tears will dry,
the sun will rise
we'll stay together.

To the end, our final day
ours will be the brightest star
that shines on cloudy nights
together we rest in harmony.

I have been doing some different writing with a new course. This is part of the 50 Percent Work. Have to add a story with the poem.

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Eyes close, darkness enfolds,
Rainbow colors flash, disappear,
Wind whistles, grass sways
Snakes slither, mice hide,
Birds cheerfully sing, hawk soars thermals,
Parrots squabble, brawl for nectar,
Bees buzz gum flowers, honey to make
Sticky amber honey, pollen makes,
white wax hexagons store hard work,
Cow low udder full with milk
Headed home release is nigh,
Green summer grass now winter brown
Crackles beneath hooves red dust stirs,
Sun’s orange orb slinks beneath the horizon
Days past night comes,
Moon rises stars twinkle brightly,
Clouds scatter forth rain does follow,
Blocks out the light till lighting flashes
Thunder rumbles rolls above,
Opening eyes I see the hot orange sun,
Dreaming is magic when night comes.

Snow cold water cascades over the cliff
Crashes on huge boulders below,
Orchestra of birds overtake the sound
Water gurgles on way down stream,
Bees buzz golden sunflowers
Standing tall face the sun,
Sticky amber honey trickles in the hive,
Fragrances from orchids perfume the air,
Cows call day’s end,
Bright orange orb disappears
Night insects chirp,
Evening prayers done
Life will be theirs
Moon sinks to sleep
With rising of the sun.

These two are what I have written recently for the new writing course I have been working on. We have been learning new ways to write stories and poetry. The new section I think deals more with poetry so I'll post them when I can.