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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Shane's 50th Birthday.

Our tour group helped Shane celebrate his 50th Birthday while we were away on the day trip. The cake was beautiful. And tasty.

We were also shown the tanks where the owner of the property breed fish to sell to the market. Fingerlings are placed in large dams until ready for sale. They are then placed in the tanks to clear the mud from their system before being sent to the market. There were Perch and Barramundi.

They also grow sugar cane and mangoes.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Train trip

 This man was playing the harp at the RBH Hospital in Brisbane. I had been there for a specialist appointment. I was sitting waiting for my daughter to finish work to come to collect me. He came in carrying the harp to set up then began to play. He must do it a lot because some of the people knew him. Such soothing music to take your mind off of your worries. One gentleman said, 'He's getting in his practice for when he arrives at the Pearly Gate of Hevan.'

These two are art work on the wall at the book in your luggage department at the Roma Street railway station.

The rest are of the station. The trains and the people who travel on them. The day was overcast and chilly. I had a few people come up to talk to me while I sat waiting for my train. I returned home exhausted after three days away from home. I am trying to catch up on my work. I am slowly cleaning the winter weeds from my garden. About fifteen minutes at a time before the back and hip begins to ache. At least I am making progress but the rubbish bin is filling fast.

Monday, August 1, 2016


These are a few of the photos I took last week when I went on a bus trip. The day was long and we traveled many kilometers. We left at seven in the morning and returned home about six.

We had a Christmas in July lunch at a hotel in one of the towns.  I have another one coming up next week. Unless some of my doctor's appointment are moved forward. It is a mystery trip. We don't know where we will be going.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Cleaning up.

Since I have had to slow my pace in life, I have been editing all the novels I have finished. Some I have retrieved from a computer that died a few years back. I have been formatting them as well.

I sent a few to a publisher. I did receive a surprise. A contract arrived. But. Not the sort I had been expecting. I showed it to a friend and she told me to not sign it. I had been of the same mind before she had read it. She checked the name out and found it not to be a good place to be with. So I have been sending out other feelers.

I have about a dozen novels finished to be published. I just need to find a true publisher. Or an agent to handle the publishing side of my work.

I am also finishing off a novel that I found half written.

The cold weather has slowed me down some. Where I have the computer is very cold. You can say the whole house is like a freezer. So I work when not so cold. In the meantime, I write the story by hand while sitting all rugged up in a blanket.

We did have a few days where the days were warmer but the chill has returned. I am trying to catch up on things I had forgotten needed my attention.

I should be writing up my story to the computer but I am working on my blogs.

And the crocheting has been put on the back burner. I will do some later once I have finished my work. I crochet rugs for charity in my spare time.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Art work and flowers

These were also found at the Wondai Flower Show.

And there were statues.
There was also fruit, vegetables, food, and many other things for the gardener.

Wondai Flower Show

I went on a bus trip to the Wondai Flower Show a few days ago.
The morning started with rain. I rose at 4.30 to be ready to catch the bus. Rain had been falling over the early hours. Didn't bode well for a good day.
By time we reached our destination the sun did shine. Puddled and mud were left by the rain. Good weather for the farmers. A little shower came just as we were getting on the bus to go into the town for lunch.
Someone found a novel way to deal with used tyres.

Then there were other art works made with metal.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Shop of clocks

I went away over Easter on a bus trip. We went to a lot of places I hadn't been. I had heard my aunt talk about the area. Her family owned a dairy farm there years ago. She complained the hill were hard on the knees. I know know what she meant. The old knees of some were feeling the strain after walking through the shops on the main street. The traffic was like an ant trail moving both ways along the streets.

Below are some photos I took in the House of Clocks at Montville.