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Sunday, September 4, 2016

Train trip

 This man was playing the harp at the RBH Hospital in Brisbane. I had been there for a specialist appointment. I was sitting waiting for my daughter to finish work to come to collect me. He came in carrying the harp to set up then began to play. He must do it a lot because some of the people knew him. Such soothing music to take your mind off of your worries. One gentleman said, 'He's getting in his practice for when he arrives at the Pearly Gate of Hevan.'

These two are art work on the wall at the book in your luggage department at the Roma Street railway station.

The rest are of the station. The trains and the people who travel on them. The day was overcast and chilly. I had a few people come up to talk to me while I sat waiting for my train. I returned home exhausted after three days away from home. I am trying to catch up on my work. I am slowly cleaning the winter weeds from my garden. About fifteen minutes at a time before the back and hip begins to ache. At least I am making progress but the rubbish bin is filling fast.

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