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Monday, February 14, 2011

Another Log Line

Queen Louisa Defeats The Dragon.
Script - My Way.
   A family go one a fishing holiday to an unknown destination. Location devised by an idea put forward to the father by a nasty power hungry dragon. The moment the family arrive their world changes.  Holiday controlled by the dragon, cockatoo and a kangaroo. All not what they seem. Daughter and son learn powers unknown to them. Becomes trapped by an invisible wall, which leads them to the dragon. But the dragon is defeated with a lot of help. Loads of characters. Special effects needed. Explosions. Helicopters and planes. Parade of wild/normal animals follow Louisa home. Funny.

Following is a bit of the script.
Detective Callow:
[Lands the plane at the airfield where Callow, Ryan and Oldfield were met by
Police Officer Turner to take them to the road block.]

Police Officer Turner.
[Had organized groups of people to assist to help line the sides of the road to
block the traffic from going where they were not suppose to.]

[Leaves the airport. Takes awhile to find a place to park the police car. Grabs a
radio in case he is needed.]
Louisa Barrow: Madame Fayleigh. Madame Fayleigh. We are entering the town limits. Are there
any reporters ahead of us?
Madame Fayleigh:
[V.O.] Not that I have seen. I think there should be someone here to report your return.

Louisa Barrow:
[V.O.] Who's in the police cars, which have been following us?

Madame Fayleigh:
[V.O.] Wait until I find out.
Jake Howard:
[Jake walks up on the porch where Madame Fayleigh is sitting. He thinks she
is resting.]

Madame Fayleigh:
Who's in the police cars behind Louisa?

[Asks without opening her eyes.]

Jake Howard:
[Picks up the radio from on the table beside Madame Fayleigh.]

I'll find out.

[To Jet in the helicopter.]

Who's in the police cars at the rear?

[V.O.] Constable Mike Sawyer is in one. He was at the Fincke farm. Why?
Jake Howard:
Wait until I ask.

[To Madame Fayleigh.]

What do you have in mind, Madame Fayleigh?

Madame Fayleigh:
There is no one here to report the return of the missing children. Someone should
be here to take photos. Maybe the police could let someone through. To be here
to take photos of them entering the town.

Jake Howard:
Jet. I want someone to land to pick up a reporter and probably a television
camera person, plus the announcer to cover the arrival of Louisa and her group.
You have to be quick. They needed to be in front ten minutes ago.

[V.O.] Message understood. Tell Madame Fayleigh to have Louisa slow her pace.

Jake Howard:
They probably can smell the goodies.


[To Madame Fayleigh.]
Madame Fayleigh:
Message has all read y sent.

[Moves his helicopter in to position to land on the road in front of the police

This is Jet from the helicopter over head. Please stop as I have to land on the

Jack and Henri:
Stop. Watch out for the helicopter.

[The both police cars stop suddenly.]

Henri Fincke:
Wonder what he wants?

Jack Fincke:
Hope he's here to collect us.

Inspector Fallows:
[Steps from the car to walk toward the helicopter as Jet opens the door.]

What's happening?

We need a reporter and camera person.

[Race back to police car. Both hop in. Turn the police car to drive back along the
line of traffic to find the ones they needed.]

[To people who were selected they were told to park their cars and grab their
equipment. To make their way to the helicopter.]

[Equipment was thrown on board the helicopter. People climbed aboard for the
short trip to the head of the parade. The reporters and their equipment were
dropped on the road ahead of Louisa.]

[Jet lifts off. Louisa picks up her pace. Soon the people of the town come into
view. All waiting to see Louisa and her group.]

[As the group moves closer positions change. Louisa walks in the lead with The
Wolf on one side. On the other side of her is The Bengal Tiger. Sarason with
Silvia on her shoulder walked beside Carson with Jay Jay hopping beside him.
Retta still in his pouch looking out. Then came Deer and Emu. They were all
there to guard Louisa. The rest of the group followed behind. Everyone moved
without a word spoken. Even Betsy the cow followed suit.]

The Town's People:
[Cheer and wave as Louisa and her group come into sight.]

Louisa Barrow:
[Waves to everyone as though she really is the Queen. Or a very important
person who has a parade of her own. She had matured a lot over the past
couple of weeks.]

Couple of People:
[Steps from the crowd to take photos. But soon move back when The Wolf and
The Bengal Tiger let out a low growl.]

[Even the roar of the crowd don't frighten the animals. Betsy the cow follows
everyone else without straying.]
All Four Helicopters:
[Have landed at the farm and shut down. Jake, Jet, Toad and Herk are all
standing near the front porch to watch the show when the Queen arrives.
After all their work they want front row seats.]

Brian, Mary, Judy and Doug:
[All pacing in front of the house waiting to see their children. They were
exhausted with frayed nerves. About to reach breaking point.]

Madame Breaner:
[Leans toward Madame Fayleigh to whisper in to her.]

The animals are in protection mode. No one will be allowed near the children
until Louisa give the order to break formation. There will be trouble for anyone
who tries to move too close.

Madame Fayleigh:
[Stands from her seat to go to speak to the parents. Speaks loud enough for
everyone to hear.]

There is a small problem. Take notice of the formation of the animals around
the children. The formation is to protect Louisa, Sarason and Carson.

Judy Barrow:
Why do the children need protection? This is their home. They are safe here.

Madame Fayleigh:
Have you been told Louisa is said to be their Queen? The new Queen of the
Witches, Fairies and animals.

Brian Fincke:
What is she talking about?

Madame Fayleigh:
Louisa is related to the Suandra the powerful White Witch who fought with
Meandru, the Dark Warlock, who we have in the cage in Tin Wells.

[All eyes watch Madame Fayleigh as she speaks to see if she was telling
the truth.]

Mary Fincke:
Can't we go to our children?

Madame Fayleigh:
Once the guard formation has been broken, not before. You could be told to
move back by the animals.

Brian Fincke:
[Laughs in disbelief.]

Now we have talking animals.

Doug Barrow:
Don't doubt Madame Fayleigh is telling the truth. Especially since the fish
spoke to me. Threw me out of the water.

[Grumbles. All faces turn to look at Doug.]

I'll never go fishing again. Not even eat a fish.

Madame Breaner:

Here they come!

Louisa Barrow:
[Comes through the gate, which leads to the house. Louisa keeps going until she
is a few metres from her family and new friends.]

[Flies to sit on the shoulder of Louisa to guide her in her duty as Queen. To thank
the people responsible for rescuing them.]

Louisa Barrow:
Madame Fayleigh. Please step forward.

[Watches to see, which lady stepped forward. The one she had been in
contact with.]
Madame Fayleigh:
[Madame Fayleigh walks a few paces forward. Not wanting to upset the guards
beside Louisa. She waits to see what Louisa has planned.]

Louisa Barrow:
Come closer. My friends will not hurt you.

Madame Fayleigh:
[Walks to within touching distance of Louisa, The Wolf and The Bengal Tiger.]

Louisa Barrow:
I would like you to accept this award for all the thought you put in to rescue us
from the Dark Warlock.

[Louisa waves her wand in front of Madame. A gold medallion on a chain hangs
around her neck.]

We may not have made home without you there to guide us. I have a few
questions but they can wait until I have had time to rest, and clean up.

Because of the different programs each story is on they have copied different. Watch for the next installment of other stories. Make a great movie.

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