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Monday, February 14, 2011

Log Lines.

As promised, I have written a bit about some of the works I have finished.
Adopted By Ghosts.
Novel - POD
Script  -  My way - Needs directions added.
   An author is adopted by ghosts. Fast moving. Many characters. Needs special effects for flying cars and trucks. Ghost sliding down stair rail. There are pirates, people and animal ghosts. Sword battles. Everyone's lives change by associating, and interacting with people to bring about change. And much more.

Following is part of the script, a few pages.
Honey Raye:
                   Maybe some of you could explain to Chuck the intrinsically matter of being a
                   [To Florence.]
                   You take names of those who have a story, or a problem. I'm going to do some
                  work. I would like some quiet.
                 [Honey stood and walked from the room. She shook her head. Honey smiled as she
                 walked into her aged room. Sat in her chair in front of the computer.]
                What a story I'll have for you Rhona.
                 [Boosted up her computer. Opened to her e-mail. Checked her messages. Frowned at
                the message from Rhona.]
Rhona Carina:
                 Honey. Why won't you take my phone calls? I keep being told you are busy. How
                 many people have moved in with you? I'm becoming worried. Rhona.
Honey Raye:
                [Replied to the e-mail.]
                 Rhona. Sorry to worry you. I'm the only living person here. My new family are ...
                 all ghosts ... so far ... have adopted me into their family. I have become their
                problem solver. Jude now calls me, your honour as well as Hon. You couldn't have
                found a more valuable setting for my ghost story. I need  my car to go to do some
             research. Could you have my car delivered to me if it has been repaired? Their stories
              are most enlightening. I could be here a considerable length of time. I'm being spoilt
              by everyone. Honey.
              P.S. Don't worry about me. I'm having a ball. An intriguing adventure.
             [Sent off the e-mail with a smile on her face. Then she set about looking for information
              on Amy-Lou.]
Rhona Carina:
               [Working at her desk opened her e-mail once again to look for a reply from Honey.
               The message came in as she scanned for Honey's name. A smile lit her face to see
               there was a reply.]
               At last!
               [Scrolled down the e-mail. Her face became worried. The further Rhona read she
               panicked for Honey's safety.]
               Oh.no! I shouldn't have listened to her. Why couldn't I have let her keep writing her
              other stories? Why had I wanted her to turn her hand at a ghost story? The fright of
              being in a haunted house has scrambled her thinking. I have to make her come out of that
               place. Wonder who will go in to bring her out. None of my friends will go in there.

                  I'm differently not going back out there. Wonder?
                  [Pushed the intercom button.]
                  Sally. Would you come in here for a minute?
                 [Entered the office.]
                 Yes. What do you want?
Rhona Carina:
                 [Smiled her you would do anything for me smile at Sally.]
                  I would like you to take Honey's car ...
                 No way. Ah ha! I'm not going within cooee of that house. I've heard all the stories
                about that place. Stories handed down through each generation. You'll have to find
                another bunny.
Rhona Carina:
                 [Tried to bribe Sally.]
                 I'll shout you dinner.
                 [Sally shook her head.]
                And a new outfit for the occasion.
               I'll try ...
Rhona Carina:
                [Pleased with herself.]
                I knew you would ...
               ... to find a bunny to do your dirty work. Have you heard from Honey?
Rhona Carina:
               Well! I finally had an e-mail.
                 So what's the problem? Does Honey want to leave?
Rhona Carina:
                 That's the problem. Honey doesn't want to leave. She is acting as though the ghosts
                 are her new best friends.
                 [Her whole body shivered at her thought.]
                 The ghosts have been taking her calls. I've been talking to ... ghosts.
               [Smiled at Rhona.]
               Well! They must be friendly. House broken too, if the house was as clean as you said.

Hope you ejoy this much of the story you'd be interested to make it into a movie, or TV show.

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