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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Times of Change.

This year. I'm taking time to stop to smell the flowers. Last year, I became mentally exhausted because I had my finger in too many pies. Projects. I travelled along fine, until too many competitions landed in my e-mail from past places I had entered. One competition, I wrote 40,000 words in just over a month, plus my work for writers class; 500 word stories for ABC Open; short stories and poetry. Then family problems, and other problems came my way, so this meant I didn't get my proper rest.

I have been on a couple of daily bus trips since the start of the year. I'm booked on a 3 day one soon. Then a 5 day over Easter. Where I can mingle with friends to visit new places, and take many photographs along the way.

In between, I have my writing class; exercise class; and resting when I don't have housework to do. Or I have to rest due to pains in my muscles. My ABC workshops begin this week, so we'll be given more topics on which to write our memory story. I'm also trying my hand at writing some horror stories. Just finished a piece I have to take to class on Friday.

Because the weather has been miserable, today, I have taken time to make some changes to my blogs. Nothing worthwhile on television so finishing them before going to bed.

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