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Saturday, March 14, 2015

Birthday Fkowers

One of my daughters, and her family, sent me these flowers for my Birthday. The lilies hadn't yet opened. Looks much different with them open.

I was woken early this morning by the loud, annoyed barking of a dog. I don't own a dog. Who had recently bought a dog flashed through my clouded mind. The noise grew louder. I got out of bed to look out the windows. Couldn't see a dog out the back. I looked out another window and there stood a neighbor holding the leads of two bundles of fluff. Not sure what kind of dogs they were. Still in my nightdress. I ventured down the steps to open the back door. There sat a black, funny looking dog, bailed up in my back yard.

"Shut up," I shouted at the dog. "What are you doing in here?"

Another neighbor stuck his head over the side gate. "Sorry to wake you. The dog belongs to a lady up the road. The dog jumped her fence."

Out I went to help try to encourage it from behind my shed. It wasn't very happy in a strange place with people stopping his escape. The dog was only on loan from the dog shelter for the weekend. The lady went to ring the shelter to come help get it back.

Once everyone left to wait for the person to arrive I slipped inside to change clothes, make a coffee to drink while keeping an eye on the dog. I even had time to have some breakfast. I was taking a pot plant out to the back shed when the dog chase started. One person blocked the back of the side of the shed. The handler went in the front way to encourage the dog to come to her. She slipped the lead over its head. Dog problem solved. She took the dog back to the shelter.

I then watered the plants in the shed. Took some ripe bananas from the bunch over next door for the children to eat. No way can I eat a full bunch. I then watered the plants on the back veranda after I had swept the floor. While I still had some energy, I decided to mow. Silly me. I started with the biggest part. I called a halt because the sun was getting hot. My clothes were wet. I came in to do some computer work.Maybe I'll find a bit of energy to do the front yard in the late afternoon.

This isn't the first time I've found a strange dog in my yard. I had one once before that didn't want to let me into my own yard. He had another smaller dog with him. It was hiding beside the shed. After a lot of going and coming, the pair finally walked out the gateway without me chasing them. I ignored the dogs until I watched them leave then shut the gate.

I could do with a nap but I'm trying to fight against it because I have more writing to do..

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