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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tank Toilet

I went on a day bus trip a couple of weeks ago. We stopped at a park in Gin Gin. Moving toward the park the toilet looked like a water tank. When approached from a different direct you find a door. Opening the door you find there, a toilet. A very clean toilet. The only trouble is you'd have to look for frogs, or snakes, because the sides don't reach to the floor. Good design for hosing it out.

Now, I have a new camera I'll be able to take more photos. My daughter, Leanne, and her family, bought me a camera. She set it up to the computer for me. This is one I took on my phone. She also set that up to load to my computer.

All photos all go straight to my "Dropbox" site. I won't lose them if the computer dies dead like the last one. Still looking for a person to retrieve all my data.

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