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Monday, May 27, 2013

More Thoughts

Boundary Rider
The boundary rider rode his horse with pride
because he had been triumphant in controlling him,
he followed the divide fence, watched for any changes,
birds rose noisy from the shrubs to reach safe territory,
a squadron of ants marched up the fence post,
laughter rang out from the kookaburra in the blue gum,
another break, he found in the fence,
always the cattle were liberated at will
except he guessed when given assistance,
he recorded the breaks. Would telephone his neighbor
when he returned home, to watch for missing cattle.

Boundary Lines

Boundaries are meant to be obeyed,
pride is a hard contender to have,
because it is always a loser,
another way should be found,
triumphant in your success,
record you loses,
birds enjoy their freedom,
change can cause many problems,
divide your troupes and you will conquer,
always remember to do what is right,
squadrons march on their stomach,
will does make you forget your way,
great expectations come with a fall,
liberate the people, let them stand tall,
telephone your family to say hello,
noisy means you don't need a hearing aid,
laugh and you'll live years longer,
guess you think you know it all,
except there is always someone who knows more.

Judgement Day

Day of judgement had arrived.
A new life for an old
tainted with the sins
for those committed by his father,
a grandson conceived
in a fervid act of violence,
the gratification he took
when he deflowered a virgin
the pain, suffering, disgrace,
he brought on the family's name,
the seed of the devil
created such a beautiful child,
he'll never follow his father's path
of destruction, devastation,
he'll bring no shame to the families,
any other child born to this father
will perish, be disfigured, sterile,
while you morn your loss of your son
others will rejoice in your sadness,
the way your son exulted in their destruction,
your grandson will carry the burden,
stigma, shame of his father,
he'll only be freed from purgatory
once the family sins, atrocities,
have been wiped from the slate of shame,
read the note wrapped in the shawl
of the new born found at the family home.

Pack A Kangaroo

To do this is foolish, I can tell you,
speed is a worry at the best of time
when put together with a country road,
you can lose your life, or be crippled,
the darkness hold a multitude of sins,
kangaroos, cows horses
where they shouldn't have been,
at 225K's an hour there's no time to stop,
no time to think, plan where to go,
your life flashes before your eyes
I shouldn't have did that. What will mum think.
Dad will kill me if I survive the crash.
There'll be no recognizable parts of the car,
my body they'll have to scrape off the road,
a shovel they will have to use
then flash my name on the news,
the moment before the bump I prayed not to die,,
finally the car did stop.
To my surprise I was alive.
The car still whole.
Where did the kangaroo go.
Gingerly I stepped from the car to find the carcass
to look if the animal could be found,
I searched and searched, scratched my head,
walked back to the car to search for damage,
the grill and radiator was smashed,
I lifted the bonnet. I found the kangaroo.
Mangled on the engine. Oh, what a mess.
That could have been me.

No Vacancy

The sign is up but they come to stay,
doors no barrier at all,
each of them slip through the wall,
come to chat when lonely.

They are very friendly, you see,
no one books a bed
nor do they need to be feed
those people who come.

Other people come to visit me
but they do let me know,
there for a day then go,
move on to the next place.

None of them argue, fight, or scream,
no punches are thrown,
nor is their presence blown,
the ghosts who stay at my home.

A bump, a call in the night,
roll over, go to sleep,
it is another lost sheep,
house full, no vacancies.

Picnic Ruined

Hulls of the boats skimmed the waves
slide along, water spray covering the boat,
ancient ships bobbed on the water,
mountains stood guard on the western side,
shady trees not to be found near the shore,
noisy winds blew with much force,
storming sounds echoed over the lake,
dressed for a warm, sunny day,
hastened people to find some cover,
creek level rose swiftly, rain poured down,
blood-orange sun covered by ominous clouds,
secrets hidden, people unaware,
water broke the river bank, spread quick,
gravity of their plight, people raced to higher ground,
seagulls struggled to stay afloat,
guests near the resort raced for cover,
bridge went under when rushing water rose,
picnic baskets hastily packed, stowed away,
thunderous noise accompanied by lightning,
arid land no longer parched,
simply would have been better to stay at home,
faces smiled when the clouds passed,
sun shone once again.

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