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Monday, May 27, 2013

Photos And Poetry


Where have all the men gone,
the gentlemen who stood beside his woman,
the ones who were once there to protect you
keep you safe from harm, you walked above the clouds,
who shared his life, love with you,
A love that was forever, not vanish out of sight,
moved to another bed with the coming of the dawn.

Gentlemen are rare species,
are sought but few are found,
men are now guys with their eye for chance,
ships passing into the night come morning,
have moved on to another port,
they weigh anchor, sail with the breeze,
move frog like to another bed.


'Twas naught moon nor star burned bright,
dark clouds rushed fiercely over
mountains, rivers and fells to
bring destruction across the land.

Rain pelts trees, water rushed full speed,
torrents churned, gouged
ground from river banks,
logs sailed, dangerous missiles.

Drowned animals dragged
battered on a roller-coaster,
down with the swirling water
to end miles away at sea.


Roses are red
tulips are too,
hope you birthday
didn't make you blue,
may there be many more
wonderful years ahead of you.

My Christening

The day had come
a day I'll never forget,
dressed in my beautiful layette
wrapped in a shall,
we traveled in the car
parked in front of the house.

I'm not sure of the make,
all I remember are the steps
with rails built on both sides,
the flooring of the veranda,
high blocks on which the building stood,
dirt to walk on, not a proper floor.

My mother carried me beneath the building,
father stood nervous by her side,
an open forty-four gallon drum
filled with water, glistened in the sunshine,
I was passed across the drum to the minister
unaware of the fate that behold me.

After a few mumbled words
my head slid beneath the surface
of the glistening water. Dunked, I tell you,
why should he be allowed to dunk a baby,
this I tell you is not fair,
I couldn't swim. I was weighted down.

He didn't care, if I did drown,
I spluttered and screamed,
but no one seemed to care,
my face finally wiped with a handkerchief. At last. I could breathe air.
I can't forget what he did to me.

Water. Don't bring it near me.
Don't splash it on my face, or I'll scream.
I'm not a fish. Don't put me in a river.
My tears will spill, will cause a flood,
if you're wise, don't cast water at me.
Stars can shine bright on a sunny day.

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